Amplification module

Only available as an option for the purchase of a FRFR or NEO loudspeaker.

Audiophile-grade Class D power module built into your speaker for use with our preamps.

The option includes the supply and installation of the module and the Active / Passive control system. The speaker sees its connector plate equipped with a two-position switch to put the loudspeaker passive or active position.
Position 1: Amp on, the speaker can only be used in active mode.
Position 2: Amp off, the speaker can only be used in passive with another amp.
the modules are equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP) for configuring the sound of the speaker via software (supplied).
It is possible to configure the gain and a particular filtering of your speaker. These settings are kept in the modules and accessed via three presets.
FA251, 1x250W 650 €
(125W / 8Ohm - 250W / 4Ohm)
+ 900g

FA501, 1x500W 870 €
(250W / 8Ohm - 500W / 4Ohm)
+ 1kg